Plug-ins for Added Functionality

Use plug-ins to customize Survey&Report to the needs of your organizations. The following plug-ins are available: SR-Advanced Survey, SR-Advanced Report and SR-LDAP.

SR-Advanced Survey

SR-Advanced Survey gives you access to advanced question types such as image maps, side-by-side matrices and open matrices. It also lets you create paper surveys and scan surveys that have been filled out on paper, and provides you with access to the paper mailing function that lets you print messages to your respondents.

Read more about SR-Advanced Survey (PDF)

SR-Advanced Report

If you have special requirements for your reports, this plug-in may prove useful. It contains the possibility to create report readers, e.g. users with limited access to selected reports, to compare several surveys - or chosen questions from several surveys - in a single report, a module for textual analysis, the aggregate report and an advanced calculation function for creating indices.

Read more about SR-Advanced Report (PDF)


With SR-LDAP you can connect the user and survey participants databases to Survey&Report, from your Active Directory, or other LDAP-supported user directories. Lists are imported from your directory to Survey&Report and are regularly updated automatically. This eliminates the need for double administration, facilitates handling and validation and you can create a single sign-on user environment.

Read more about SR-LDAP (PDF)


Survey&Report is a very user-friendly survey tool, but there might be occasions when it might be useful to automate the process. With SR-Evaluate you get an effective wizard that will guide you step by step through the creation of surveys and reports. This wizard will facilitate your work and help you save a lot of time. The function can be integrated with other systems and make further automations possible.
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Read more about SR-Evaluate (PDF)