A new version of Survey&Report is released. Among other things, this version contains an exciting new feature in the form of interactive surveys.

Interactive surveys are a brand new plugin called SR-Interactive Survey. The plugin allows you to create quick surveys during meetings where you want to see the results immediately.

The interactive survey is done as a presentation that meeting participants/respondents connect to, most easily, by scanning a QR code with their mobile device.

As a presenter, you can, for example, mix pages where you show text and images with pages containing questions. Respondents answer the questions on their mobile devices, and the results are displayed in diagrams and word clouds directly in the presentation.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

Other content in the release
In addition, the release of the new version includes the development of the following features:

Survey section

  • Extended survey changelog
  • Email messages
  • The video question type

Report section

  • Aggregate report: Survey access
  • Aggregate report: Hide table data in summary row

Administration part

  • Inactivating/anonymising/removing users
  • Anonymising/deleting respondents
  • Sorting respondent categories alphabetically

You can read more about all the release notes in the release document.