Do you want to keep track of the tickets when the ticket list is not opened in your browser? By activating the e-mail reminder you are notified when new tickets have been registered for the objects you have selected. It is also possible to create web alerts, which means a popup will be opened when a new ticket is registered, an e-mail is received or a ticket is edited in some way.

You easily select the ticket operators who should receive a reminder when tickets for the chosen object reach the support, as well as when they should receive these reminders – for example as soon as the ticket is registered, after half an hour in case the ticket has not been taken, or perhaps after two hours. Here you can also set a hierarchy for the reminders where ticket operator X is notified after a certain amount of time, ticket operator Y somewhat later (in case the ticket has not yet been taken), and Z when even more time has passed. 

In order to not be bound to the ticket list the ticket operator can also activate the web alert function for monitoring new tickets. The setting opens a popup window when new tickets and e-mails reaches the support and the ticket operator can from here either choose to go to the ticket list, or reset and ignore the alert. Click the button WebAlert in the upper right corner of the ticket list in order to make your settings.