A new version of HelpDesk is here. The version includes our new HD-Forms plugin, which enables the creation of web forms that automatically generate tickets.

With our new HD-Forms plugin, you can easily create customised web forms with questions that are shown or hidden, depending on the previous answer. You can also add information texts to guide the customer through the process. It is possible to create as many forms as you wish.

Web forms, also known as e-services, are published on your intranet, website, or 'My Pages'. They can be made public or accessible only after user identification through their HelpDesk profile.

When the customer submits the completed form, a ticket is automatically created in HelpDesk for support members to handle. Customers can follow up on all their cases via the new 'My Pages' platform, where the web forms and 'My Cases' history are available. Read more about web forms here.

Contents of version 5.1

The release also contains many more exciting new features. Two of these are scheduling automatic cases and activating 'notifications' of incoming emails. You can read more about all the latest features in the release document.