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Simplify your Ticket Registration with our Web Form Builder

Create and design easy-to-use web forms and publish them where your employees, customers or citizens are. Accessible web forms, with or without login, add a user-friendly element to your support solution since it makes registering tickets much easier. Why? Because when you fill in the web form, the system automatically creates a ticket in HelpDesk. The web form builder is the perfect tool for creating e-service, intranet and customer portal web forms.

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How Does Our Web Form Builder Work?

Our Web form builder is possible thanks to an innovative connection between our powerful survey tool Artologik Survey&Report and our flexible ticketing system Artologik HelpDesk. 



Contact centres

Are you looking for ways to improve your contact centre? Our ticketing system, Artologik HelpDesk, allows you to create user-friendly and accessible web forms that you can publish where employees, citizens, customers, suppliers etc are. By doing so, you can let people create tickets without having to log in to your HelpDesk solution.

Use the web forms to complement your existing HelpDesk channels and create an even more robust omnichannel support solution.

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IT support

Providing good IT support is a challenge. With Artologik HelpDesk, you can complement your technical support with a solution that makes registering tickets even more straightforward. What will you gain? Improved user experience and more accurate information about the question, problem or subject.

With web forms, you can register IT requests directly via your webpage, intranet or web portal - and get them registered as tickets automatically. The web forms are as good for internal employees as external customers and make your support even more accessible.

HR support

Modern organisations offer flexible hours and workplaces. A new way of working also means different challenges in supporting your employees. The distance in time and space can estrange your employees from the organisation. But there are ways to meet the feeling of alienation.

With web forms, your HR team can give your employees a new channel to send vacation proposals, salary questions or other important issues. Easy registering will most likely increase employees' will to communicate. And at the same time, it gives you more input to make data-driven decisions.

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Book your HD-Forms demo

Want to know more about our HD-Forms plugin? We look forward to giving you a deeper understanding of how the integration works and how you can adapt the system to suit your needs.

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