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Artologik HelpDesk: With Remiders and WebAlert you can always keep track of the tickets

Do you want to keep track of the tickets when the ticket list is not opened in your browser? By activating the e-mail reminder you are notified when new tickets have been registered for the objects you have selected. It is also possible to create web alerts, which means a popup will be opened when a new ticket is registered, an e-mail is received or a ticket is edited in some way.

Artologik HelpDesk: Redirect customers to the FAQ before ticket registration

Many of the questions handled by the support are recurrent. In your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you can gather these questions, but it is not always easy to get the customers to search for the information here on their own accord. We have therefore made it possible for you to automatically refer the customers to the FAQ questions for the selected objects before the tickets are registered.

HelpDesk: Automatically send copies of incoming e-mails to your mailbox

For support workers who are not constantly logged in to HelpDesk, it can be a relief not having to repeatedly enter the software to see if any new messages or e-mails have been sent to the ticket. By enabling a setting in the software, copies of messages sent to the ticket can be forwarded to the inbox of the ticket operator in charge.

Customer surveys via HelpDesk

The plugin HD-SR brings two Artologik applications together: HelpDesk and Survey&Report. You can connect Survey&Report to your Support software. In this way you can send surveys to your Customers and they can give you valuable feedback in return.

New user type in HelpDesk

A new user type in HelpDesk, external ticket operator, makes it possible to delegate a ticket by a one-time active link. By clicking the link, the external ticket operator can open the ticket without having to log in.

Did you know....

You can do searches for specific addresses in HD-Map. Type the requested address in the search field above the map, and the search is automatically performed.