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EZbooking: Book all at once!

Time to schedule a conference? With EZbooking you can, at the same time as booking the conference room, register the visitors, book extra equipment – as for example beamer and laptop – and order the coffee for the afternoon break. This saves time and you get an even better overview since all information is gathered in one place.

EZ-TimeLog shows the difference

Do you use EZbooking for bookings of technical equipment? With our plug-in EZ-TimeLog, actual used time can be imported to EZbooking, allowing you to invoice the time users have actually spent using an object. It is also an excellent way to evaluate the difference between booked and used time.

Key cabinet system with EZ-Keys

With the plug-in EZ-Keys you can integrate EZbooking with a key cabinet system where the keys are locked in a box or cabinet and can only be retrieved using a specific pin code.