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Latest News

Artologik HelpDesk: With Remiders and WebAlert you can always keep track of the tickets

Do you want to keep track of the tickets when the ticket list is not opened in your browser? By activating the e-mail reminder you are notified when new tickets have been registered for the objects you have selected. It is also possible to create web alerts, which means a popup will be opened when a new ticket is registered, an e-mail is received or a ticket is edited in some way.

Artologik HelpDesk: Redirect customers to the FAQ before ticket registration

Many of the questions handled by the support are recurrent. In your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you can gather these questions, but it is not always easy to get the customers to search for the information here on their own accord. We have therefore made it possible for you to automatically refer the customers to the FAQ questions for the selected objects before the tickets are registered.

Survey&Report: Positioning map

When creating reports in Survey&Report you have a vast range of tables and charts to choose between in order to in the best way possible present your findings. The positioning map is especially suitable for the question type side by side matrix, since it lets you show several variables in the same chart.