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All features in EZbooking

General EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
Multilingual; Swedish, English, French and German
User friendly
Online help and manuals
User-defined welcome pages for each organisation
Menu links
Mobile interface
Customizable program text
Secure login
Windows-, SAML or LDAP-authentication
Visitor registration
Calendars and bookings EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
Search available resources
Pre-defined search menus
Book via calendars
Customize calendars
Self-defined fields in booking window
Recurrent bookings
Book several resources simultaneously
Overnight bookings
Bookings across time zones
My bookings
‘Favourite’ booking functionality
Book for others
Accessory bookings
Order functionality
Let users add project requests
Connect projects to bookings
Configuration EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
Add/edit/inactivate bookable resources
Categories and object fields
Individual reservation rules
Access levels
Booking rules and cancellation policies
Public holidays
Block time
Project based pricing
E-mail functionality EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
Booking confirmation
Copy booking to personal calendar
Cancellation notifications
Booking notification to responsible
Order notification
Contact users via integrated email
Reporting EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
Report engines
Self-defined report templates
Reports on self-defined periods of time
Customizable report information
Reports per object, user and organisation
Invoice details
Occupancy report
Order reporting
Calendar exception reports
User management EZbooking Equip Order Visit LDAP Project
User directory integration
Import users via file
Activate and inactivate users
Self-defined user fields
User hierarchy: Organisation group, Organisation, User group
Classifications of users
Granular user roles/rights
User permissions
Advanced Features EZ-Outlook EZ-Project EZ-TimeLog EZ-Display EZ-Keys
Outlook integration
Digital signage
Project management
Project request notification
Project pricing
Project data in reports and invoice details export
Track actual usage
Invoice booked time, booked un-used and/or used time
Key cabinet PIN code
'Return key'- reminder emails