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Unlock new Self-Service Booking Opportunities with Physical Key Management

Our solution for booking and handling physical keys is your chance to implement safe and secure key management. No more double bookings, lack of information or missing keys. Just an intelligent self-service letting your user book, access and return keys, key fobs and tags all by themselves.

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With Creone, we open new possibilities for reliable key management for your shared recourses.

How Does Our Physical Key Management Solution Work?

Combine Artologik EZbooking with Creones key cabinet KeyBox. Get a fully automatic key management system. Safe, Reliable and Accessible.

Carpools, Rental cars or Emergency vehicles...

Whether you are responsible for a carpool, rental cars or administrate keys for emergency vehicles, you are probably used to handling keys manually. And you are probably tired of missing keys and double bookings. But do not despair.

Take control of your keys and eliminate frustration. Combining our booking system with a key cabinet gives you total control of your keys - and much more positive energy.

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Sporting facilities

Offering an excellent key management service for sports facilities is challenging and can generate frustration among staff and users if there are flaws in the key handling process. You require not only an intelligent booking system but also an innovative system for handling the keys.

We have a solution enabling users to book, get and return the keys. All by themselves.

Book your EZ-Keys demo

Want to know more about our EZ-Keys plugin? We look forward to giving you a deeper understanding of how the integration works and how you can adapt the solution to suit your needs.

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